Accelerate your business with machine learning

Convexity AI is a machine learning strategy and engineering firm. We partner with companies to determine how machine learning can most effectively impact their businesses and work their teams to implement the best end-to-end solution.

Get the highest value out of your data

Natural Language Processing

Classify documents and extract information from text to improve search systems, add text analytics, and build new product features.

Computer Vision

Classify whole images and identify objects in images to help organize and leverage your company’s image data.

Information Retrieval

Build customized and personalized search systems over your data. Help your customers find exactly what they need.

Supervised Learning

We build supervised learning models to classify structured as well as unstructured data.

We have broad data science and product development experience

Data Science

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Back-end Engineering

Front-end Engineering

UX Design

We work with you from discovery to deployment


We work with you to understand your business needs and to come up with the best solution. We scope the project to maximize impact.


We work with your team to build a robust data pipelines and accurate machine learning models using industry best practices.


We integrate the completed model into your systems and product. We build monitoring and alerting systems to ensure that your models grow with your company.

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